Mini Course: How To Build A Highly Profitable Digital Marketing Foundation
(Even If You're Not Tech Savvy)
(Even If You're Not Tech Savvy)
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A Look Inside The Course
In this mini course, we're going to cover the four key components that make up a profitable marketing foundation: Social Media, Sales Funnels, Omnipresence and Testing & Scaling.
Component 1: Social Media
With this specific course, we're going to be covering one of the most important and advanced social media platforms: Facebook. You're going to discover the best way to approach your Facebook advertising campaigns based upon your industry and you're also going to discover how to pinpoint winning Facebook campaigns based on multiple data points.
Component 2: Sales Funnels
In component two, we're going to cover why you should be driving traffic to a sales funnel instead of your website. We're going to cover WHY we use sales funnels and we're also going to cover what TYPES of sales funnels are the most beneficial based on your offers.
Component 3: Omnipresence
This is by far the most important component of your entire marketing foundation. This is where the grand majority of your online sales are going to take place. In this component, we're going to discover how to automatically place your brand in front of your audience EVERYWHERE they go after initial contact.
Component 4: Testing & Scaling
In the final component, we're going to discuss how you can take your marketing foundation and scale it with unlimited potential and longevity.
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